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Wednesday, April 30, 2003
weekend wanderings part 2

So many photos to post! Anyway, after wandering around in Gowanus on Sunday we headed over to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival. Unfortunately it seemed that the festival was a tad premature, as most of the trees hadn't blossomed yet. We did see at least a few flowers though.


After we'd had our fill of the cherry trees, we checked out the rest of the gardens.





How purdy.

In other news, the etc. page is up! From now on I'll be posting most of my news and/or political rants there and use my main blog for photos and whatever other random silliness I feel like posting. So go check it out!

Monday, April 28, 2003
mega moby muffin

On Friday night Bryan and I finally went to see Christopher Guest's new movie, A Mighty Wind. We were not disappointed, to say the least. Not only was the movie very funny, but we shared the theater with the sexiest bald bourgeois urban vegan in the city... none other than MOBY!!!! I have to credit Bryan with spotting him first. At first I was suspcious-- there are only about 600,000 people in this city who are skinny, bald, and wear glasses-- but when he threw on a baseball cap and hurried out of the theater the second the credits started rolling, I caught a decent look at his face and I'm almost positive it was really him. EEEEE!!!!

Um, anyway. Saturday we wandered around our neighbor to the west, Gowanus, Bklyn taking pictaws. We spent lots of time near the scenic Gowanus Canal.




Just like Venice, isn't it? We found it romantic enough.


After Bryan finished making kissy-faces, I decided to try to copy both him and my darling Moby with this shot:


Friday, April 25, 2003

I like making up words for the titles of my entries, can you tell? Anyway, I've been checking out eBay and several other party supply sites in my search for inspiration for what to do for the smallish, "inner-child" themed birthday fete I plan to throw in June.

Some of what I've found, such as the Butt-Ugly Martians tableware sets, are merely amusing. What disturbs me is the strength of my nostalgia for the toys I had as a child. For more than a passing moment, I actually considered buying the Fisher Price Dollhouse I used to have, and I am very much looking forward to being reunited with the Barbie refrigerator and hot dog stand that are currently packed away in an attic in Georgia. (And are about to be dug out their boxes by my oh-so-generous brother. Thanks Alex!)

The one completely silly purchase that I may actually make is this:


Yup. A Barbie pinata. Smashing that icon of feminine beauty ideals to bits and then picking pieces of candy out of her remains to share with a few of my bitchy feminist friends seems so wonderfully symbolic to me. If I'm ever able to host some sort of feminist get-together, I'm totally buying that.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003



Yes, that is a cake shaped like a lamb with a real cigarette in its mouth. And no, I can't explain it. The bakers on the LES are just a little messed up in the head. What do you want from me?

Monday, April 21, 2003

Spring has finally returned to Park Slope!


But it seems that somebunny couldn't take the heat.


(Grooaan... I know. Sorry.) I wonder if the owners of this drug store ever noticed that their window display melted. This is why you don't see chocolate displayed in windows that receive direct sunlight.

So I have this weird obsession with unique architectural details.


I don't think I'd ever noticed these owls before, even though I've stood on the corner of Broadway and W. 4th (I think?) a million times. I like to assume they're some sort of weird homage to the old practice of putting stone owls on building ledges to frighten away pigeons.

Sunday, April 20, 2003
love that punk rock accordian

Some weird blurry photos of Stupid at Luna Lounge on Friday:



Definitely a fun show.

So I just found out a random fact this weekend. Apparently Valerie Solanas shot Andy Warhol on my birthday. Well, technically it was exactly 12 years before my birthday (I'm not THAT old), but you know what I mean. I learned this last night from I Shot Andy Warhol, which I finally got around to renting.

Solanas was such a fascinating person. While I don't personally advocate cutting up men, (at least not most of them) you can't help but admire her brilliant anger, her gutsiness, and at times, her unapologetic hypocrisy. Lili Taylor gave an amazing performance in the film... it's definitely worth checking out.

Friday, April 18, 2003

So it seems that many of the pieces by Damien Hirst as well as the majority of the other artists represented in the BMA’s controversial “Sensation” show of 2000 have found a home in London’s Saatchi Gallery.

Hirst apparently isn’t too thrilled about this, in part because most of the pieces were already exhibited together. The fact that many of his animals-in-formaldehyde pieces are beginning to deteriorate probably doesn’t help either. The only piece in this series that I liked, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living in particular, seems to be entering advanced stages of decay. I can’t decide if deterioration of the shark’s body adds to or detracts from Hirst’s original intentions. In any event, I kind of hope he’s finished with the dead animal art. While I must admit that I was impressed by the Physical Impossibility…, as a vegetarian I can’t say that I’m too happy about artists who find it necessary to take a life to create art. Even though I’m probably not enough of a science geek to full appreciate it, I do enjoy a lot of his biology/anatomy/medically inspired art like Hymn.

In related vegetarian preaching, I so want this t shirt:


Courtesy of Pangea.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003
what naughty natalie should've said

Ah yes... now this is how Natalie Maines' (the outspoken Dixie Chick from hell) apology for her statements regarding the "president" SHOULD have gone. My favorite part:

I... realize now that I'm supposed to just sing and look cute so your fans won't have anything to upset them while they're cheating on their wives or getting in drunken bar fights or driving around in their pickup trucks shooting highway signs and small animals.

Now, now, don't get all excited. In theory, I don't agree with cruelty towards country music fans and/or red necks. It's just that in practice it can be so damn funny.

now i've lost him for good

So who else has noticed that the 6th Ave Urban Outfitters has installed the arcade version of every hipster's favorite game...


... Ms. Pacman? I attempted to protect this boy from its clutches, but failed miserably. Ah well.

So it's a little late for me to be posting this, but I suppose there is still just barely enough time for me to share this very special link in case any one is looking for a unique way to get into the "Easter spirit." This year why not try simulating each of the 10 Plagues in the Bible in your own home! The author of this list has several ingenious ideas, but I think my favorite would have to be #3: "The lice--Use a hole punch to make many small white "dots" out of plain white paper. Scotch tape them on your body and leave them on for a few hours. The appearance and irritation will make you think of itching lice." I mean really, who needs a cuddly Easter bunny or a basket full of candy when you've got fake lice?

Monday, April 14, 2003
Critique des films independents

Bryan and I were lucky enough to get passes to the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, which ran for the first two weeks in April. The two best films we saw, in my opinion, had to be Drop Dead Roses and The Greatest Filmmaker Ever. DDR was cute enough, featuring Brian O'Halloran of Clerks fame. It was basically a dark/romantic comedy about two guys who run a business that will deliver dead flowers and/or crushed chocolates along with a nasty message to your enemies. My main problem with this film (aside from the frequently bad acting) was that the writer/director seemed to have only one goal: to kiss up to Kevin Smith as much as possible. There were Clerks references galore; even the banter/relationship between the two main characters (who were virtually carbon copies of Dante and Randall anyway) reminded me a little too much of Clerks.

The Greatest Filmmaker Ever was very funny as well. Adam Mutterperl, the director, (deliberately) poorly impersonates film experts who interview themselves as they rave about Mutterperl as the greatest genius the film industry has ever known. Self indulgent? Yes. Funny? You bet.

Unfortunately we were forced to sit through a number of stinkers as well. One of the lesser offenders would have to be The Emerald Garden, with a script that appeared to have been written by a middle-schooler that was then directed by a high-school student. The terribly garbled story was, essentially: man is adopted. Man wants commitment from responsible, business-minded girlfriend who has issues from her last relationship that are never revealed to us. Girlfriend has bad day at work. They fight. Grr. Man wanders off and ends up in "Emerald Garden," which resembles a forest much more than a garden. Garden makes stressed out people happy- man is invited to stay. Man wants to resolve issues with girlfriend first. Man ends up bringing girlfriend into garden. Garden gets mad because only man was invited. Man is dragged off. Girlfriend stands there, looking scared. The End.

Seriously- the movie even sounds better in the above description than it actually is. In numerous shots you could see dust and other schmutz on the camera lens and the acting was ATROCIOUS.

However, the worst "film" we had to see had to be a piece of excrement called "Beans and Rice Television," which wasn't even a film but a TV show, complete with commercials. The host/director frequently described the show as covering the "underground music scene," but among the bands featured were Limp Bizkit and Pennywise. Yup. Little indie rock bands there. Even more annoying was the un-ending objectification of women, who were presented only as sex objects, and never as singers or band members.

I would have much preferred to have watched 1/2 an hour of MTV, who at least occasionally acknowledges that there are (all-) girl groups out there who can rock out at least as hard as the boys. Plus, at least MTV has some talented people in their art department, which I cannot say for BNRTV.

In any event, I will be writing two nasty letters this afternoon- one to the film festival for accepting that piece of garbage, which clearly belonged on late-night cable access and nowhere else, and another two the moron behind "Beans and Rice," telling him to get with the picture.

On a completely unrelated note: my boyfriend has been scalped! (See 4/13- no permalink available.)

Friday, April 11, 2003
call me any, anytime

This week's issue of Time Out featured a short article on the Payphone Project. This guy started collecting the numbers of payphones to encourage people to call them at random just to see what would happen and who they would end up talking to. He describes it as just a "joke," but personally I hope he's just being humble, because I think it's a pretty cool idea- it's almost like conceptual art or something.

In addition to the hundreds of payphone numbers he has for New York City (most of which no longer work because Verizon had to ruin his game by installing payphones that reject incoming calls), he has numbers for payphones at the Vatican, on the observation deck of the Eifel Tower, and several in my hometown.

The site is so huge it's kind of hard to navigate, but if you ever had a question about payphones, for some reason, this would be the place to find it. And I've gotta say I admire the level of his obsession.

Thursday, April 10, 2003
a cop-out

Bryan, Jeremiah, and Kane Blues all have some great posts (as well as comment dialogues) going on about the recent news, so because I am lazy, and because I would find myself either repeating their words or repeating the responses I posted in their respective comments, I will send you to them for today's commentary.

Oh, and by the way- do you support the troops? Then send someone to take out this guy. Yup. This army chaplain is denying troops, many of whom haven't showered in weeks, access to 500 gallons of water unless they agree to be baptized first. Two words: PATHETIC and DESPERATE. Not to mention, um, cruel.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003
she's back!

Yes, after a lovely bout of bronchitis, I have returned to the land of the weblogging. First, a few pictaws from last week.



And speaking of subways, it seems to me that many New Yorkers are in need of a briefing in subway etiquette. If the MTA were interested in producing a pamphlet on this subject, I would be more than happy to contribute to it. For example, I've encountered far too many people who do not understand the concept of sharing the poles during rush hour. Leaning your entire body against a verticle pole, thereby preventing anyone else from holding on to it is RUDE.

Equally unforgivable is standing near the center of one of the horizontal, overhead poles but placing your hand approximately four inches from one end of it, forcing everyone else who needs to share it with you to either attempt to keep their balance on their own (which rarely works) or squeeze awkwardly-- and unnecessarily-- onto the tiny bit of the pole left to them. This particular situation is what I encountered on the train this morning. I fantasized about snapping the offender's wrist with my bare hands the whole way to Canal Street, and were I less of a lady (ha!) I probably would have. This is what rush hour, in combination with a tendency toward claustrophobia, does to me.

In other news, I finally updated my research page a bit, and have some concrete ideas for what I want to add to the etc. page. If my web assistant (hehe) gets around to it, it should be up and running in a few days.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003
mmm mmm good

I had actually completely forgotten about the whole April Fools Day thing... I guess one generally stops caring about it after the age of 10 or so, huh? But then again, some people never grow up, as demonstrated by the Museum of Hoaxes' Top 100 April Fools Day Hoaxes. I like #17 and #24, myself. (Link via Jodi.)

While I wish I could say that the following images are hoaxes as well... I cannot. What we have below are real Weight Watcher's recipe cards from the 1970s.


Yes, Fish Tacos! The use of seafood in Mexican cooking is enough to make your head spin... but where do they even get the "taco" from? All I see is a pathetic wilted pile of shredded iceberg lettuce with hot sauce covering what I assume to be a fish of some sort, all splattered on a slice of toast.

The drinks are even more appetizing. On the right is a mixture of skim milk and orange pulp; on the left, water, sherry extract, and beef buillon combine in a magical way that I had never dreamed was possible.


If I haven't already shown you enough, you can go straight to the source for even more fun with 70s haute cuisine. If that doesn't gross you out enough, I recommend moving on to the Gallery of Regrettable Food. I like to imagine the papers I could have written on those recipes/ads/etc. for my Culture Through Food class in school.


The Way We Never Were by Stephanie Coontz
Rainer Maria- Long Knives Drawn
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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